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    • UV flat printer
    • UV flat printer
    • UV flat printer

    Welcome To Our Website

    Since its foundation in 2014, Shenzhen Bass Bowei Technology Co., Ltd. has been a professional manufacturer of UV flatbed printers and UV roll-to-roll printers,
    as well as a supplier of UV flatbed and roll-to-roll printing solutions and consumables. Bass Bowei always provides the excellent service to the world in the eco-friendly printing industry.
    Bass Bowei adheres to the "human-oriented and honest management" concept. With the enterprise culture of “social commitment, virtue cultivation,
    seeking harmony and mutual development”, Bass Bowei has been creating more value for the society.

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    Email:[email protected]

    Address:1st Floor of Building A, DaShuitian JinFenghe Industrial Park, GuanLan of LongHuaxin District, ShenZhen City, GuangDong Prov., China.

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